Project overview:

The Dala Bridge project will connect downtown Yangon with Dala township on the south side of the Yangon river.
Currently, the two options to travel from Dala to downtown Yangon are either via ferry, or by a roundabout route traveling past the Twante canal and FMI City and then across the bridge to Hlaing township.
A bridge has been on the cards since 2013, though securing financing was a challenge until 2016.
The steel suspension bridge will be 590m (1,936 ft) long and 26.5m (87 ft) wide, possessing a four lane highway.  
Its approach on the Yangon side of the Yangon river will be 617.5m (2016ft) long and 14.3m (47 ft) wide and on the Dala side: 655m (2182 ft) long and 20.9m (68ft) in width.
The bridge is designed to carry a maximum load of 75 tonnes and the the bridge is proposed to be 49m (160ft) high, which is enough to allow vessels to pass underneath.
Suntac Technologies is responsible for the soil test and appears to also have design repsonsibilities.
Bridge Dimension:
Source: Ministry of Construction
Total cost is $188.174m in which $157.833m will be funded through a loan from South Korea and $30.341m budget from Myanmar government.
Myanmar will receive a loan of $138m (Ks182bn) from South Korea’s Economic Development Cooperation Fund (EDCF) for the project.
The loan will be completely paid back in a 40-year plan involving a 15-year suspension period and 25 years of repayment. 
Union Minister of Construction U Win Khaing has previously said that the route was chosen as it posed the least impact to the environment, though it is also logical from a transport perspective, as Phone Gyi Street directly links to Pyay Road, one of Yangon’s main arteries.
On 23 October 2016, officials from the Ministry of Construction and private environmental companies held meetings with residents of Yangon’s Lanmadaw and Dala townships ahead of the Yangon-Dala bridge project, according to an article in City News.
Local residents reportedly expressed concern that the bridges may block views in a similar manner to how the overpass construction has marred sightlines.
Publicly proposed
November 2015
An agreement was signed for a Korean loan of $137.8m.
December 2016
Deputy Manager U Aung Myat Oo from the Bridge Department of the Ministry of Construction and Chairman Kim Jong Hun from Korea Soosung signed an agreement for the arrangement of a detailed design and construction plan for the Dala bridge project in front of the Union Minister of Construction.
January - March 2017
Compensation amounting to Ks45bn ($32.8m) paid by local authorities to people forced to relocate due to the project. 
April 2017
Construction expected to begin
A project office will be included in the first stage of construction works. 
Ground measurement and soil testing has begun, with the goal of refining its design with Korea's Soosong company.
June 2017
Local firm Suntac Technologies company started conducting soil testson Bo Min Yaung road in Dala township and Phone Gyi road in Lanmadaw township as part of their drawing up of a detailed design for the bridge. 
July 2017
The soil tests on either side of the Yangon river were nearly complete and expected to finish at the end of July.
July 2017
Local media reports tender for construction planned for September, with construction due to start before the end of 2017
August 2017
Following a meeting chaired by Yangon Region chief minister U Phyo Min Thein, it was announced the final design would come out in September and that buildings would be demolished beginning in October.
September 2017
Several of Yangon's downtown port terminal operaters publicly protested plans for the Yangon-Dala bridge, claiming the project risks restricting river navigation and limiting trade moving forward.

Myanmar Transport Infrastructure Monitor understands that a project review committee for the bridge was formed earlier in the year.

Dutch engineering consultancy Royal HaskoningDHV has proposed an alternative to the bridge in the form of an immersed tunnel. There was an open meeting in early September between government authorities, aid agencies and private sector companies to discuss the matter.

In late September, Suntac Technologies announced that they had completed all soil tests required for the project to move forward.
October 2017
Dala township Chief Administrator U Yin Htwe stated that initial demolition works at the project site have begun in Dala township. The first set of buildings being demolished consist of monasteries, schools and community centres, while the next phase of demolition will largely focus on clearing housing.
Yangon Region Legislative Assembly Dala Constituency 2 legislator Tun Yin said that buildings would need to be cleared by the end of November. Approximately Ks 3bn ($2.22m) has been paid in compensation thus far. The legislator also claimed that roughly $20m has been spent on the project thus far.
February 2018
Displcement of structures and buildings from project area is 90% complete.
April 2018
Representatives from six downtown Yangon ports again met with officials from business association UMFCCI to oppose against construction of the Yangon-Dala bridge.
Operators claimed that the proposed bridge may hinder operations of larger vessels in the river, restricting their ability to call at the city’s ports, both during and after bridge construction.
May 2018
An official from Ministry of Construction claim construction will begin in June 2018 with fencing work. However, as of early May, a winning Korean contractor for the project has not been announced.
An MP from Dala township said that the construction postponed until at least late 2018 due to negotiations over the design.
June 2018
The new design is being redrawn to widen the bridge’s span to allow vessels to continue operating safely. 
July 2018
MP of Dala township U Tun Yin claimed that the Union Government and Regional Government have made a final decision to build the project according to its original design.
October 2018
Bridge Department claimed ground breaking ceremony will held in 1 December at the project area in Dala township.
November 2018
It is reported that the opening event of Dala Bridge construction will be held on 23 December. 
December 2018
A site cleaning ceremony was held at the site of the bridge on 1 December. A full groundbreaking ceremony, attended by Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, took place on 24 December. 
On 24 December 2018, the Dala Bridge officially groundbreak.
January 2019
The Ministry of Construction and GS Engineering & Construction Company were discussing the final negotiation for contract agreement. 
March 2019
The Ministry of Construction and GS Engineering & Construction Company signed a contractor agreement. Work on the first access road is to begin imminently. The main bridge construction is estimated to complete within five months. 
Myat Noe Thu Construction, a local developer recevied an official permission from government to build entrance and exist roads, drains, and conduct site clearances, water pipeline works, and clearing the road on side of Daal. 
Shwe Taung Development responsible for Yangon side approach bridge received permit to remove the Myanma Port Authority office, public toilets, telenor towers, other preliminary engineering work, and conducting land survey for slope construction. 
April 2019
Construction of an access road from the Dala side will be completed by the end of April, according to officials. Foundation work for Dala side is said to begin in July. 
June 2019
Ministry of Construction deputy director U Kyaw Kaung Cho claimed foundatioin work will begin on 28 June. 
March 2020
As of March 2020, the bored pilling work is 90 percent completed. 
Bored piling work began on 28 June 2019. 
July 2019
Local media reports construction work on the Phonegyi Street approach section in Lanmadaw township will be begin during the first week of August. 

Myanma Port Authority (MPA) released navigation notices and riverbank areas that will be affected along the Yangon River, according to The Mirror.

October 2019

On 27 October, the construction from Yangon side of bridge will begins. 

February 2020

As of 25 February, the bridge construction work is 7 percent completed. 

June 2020

Bid issued for box culvert construction. Details can be seen here.

July 2020

Bored pilling work completed.

November 2020

Construction on the Dala Bridge resumed on 4 November, and 26 bored piles have been built so far. Work on the bridge was suspended after four project engineers tested positive for COVID-19 on 16 September. 
December 2020
Project 20% complete. 
June 2021
The bridge construction is 26% completed. GS E&C is carrying out the quaility control works. 
July 2021
Construction of the Dala Bridge resumed on 30 June, Dala Housing and Land Market reported. 
November 2021
A bomb was exploded near the Lanmadaw General Administration Office at the corner of Kannar Road and Lower Phonegyi Street on 10 November at 8:00. 
On the same month, SAC Union Minister for Construction U Shwe Lay inspected the Dala Bridge and Seikgyi Kanaungto Bridge projects on 22 November.  
Dala township and Dala township, Yangon
Korea International Cooperation AgencyLoanKorea
Suntac TechnologiesSoil testing, some designMyanmar
Soosung GroupDesignKorea
Ministry of ConstructionOversightMyanmar
Korea Engineering Consultants CorporationConsultantKorea
GS Engineering ConstructionMain contractorKorea
Shwe Taung DevelopmentContractorMyanmar
Myat Noe ThuContractorMyanmar
Win Piling GroupBored piling workMyanmar
China Civil Engineering Construction CorporationContractor for main spanChina
2020-2021 fiscal year
Ministry of Construction
Construction ongoing

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